Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love & Dating

Becareful that you understand love before you start dating someone. Love is not self seeking. If the person you are dating puts you in a situation where you are doing something you don’t want to do, that person is not loving you. In fact – as soon as a boyfriend or girlfriend puts you in a situation where you will be giving something away you don’t want to give, your boyfriend or girlfriend is getting ready to dump you. They have lost interest, and respect. Love always wants what is best for the other person, not for self. Love always wants to meet someon elses needs, and not your own. It isn’t self seeking. God spends a lot of time in the word asking us to save ourselves until we are married. We would be smart to follow this advice., and if the person you are dating is willing to put you in a situation where you are sinning against God, then that person does not love you, for love by its very definition would never do that! Love can wait. So did Jessica Simpson. Love is patient. Make the person you are dating love you. Demand it up front. And stay away from situations where temptation could strike, like dark rooms, or houses where parents aren’t home. When my wife and I were dating she wouldn’t comeover to the house unless my parents were home. And when I lived in my own apartment, she would not come over. Now that’s the kind of girl I wanted to marry, and I did.