Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Only Thing You Have Complete Control of is You.

Have you ever been cruising through a great day and someone comes in and ruins it. It just takes someone to come along and talk bad about you or to you, wether its your close friend, or some grocery store clerk and you are suddenly miserable. The problem that you need to see is that you cannot control everything that goes on around you. Your environment has many variables in it. The only thing you have complete control of is you. So don’t give people the power to make you feel bad. I don’t let anyone make me feel anything. I can’t control what people say, or what people do, but I can control what I decide to do with it. And if you find out someone is bad mouthing you, just go to them and ask what’s up. If you ask people things in an unthreatening manner, you will be amazed what they’ll tell you. If you start by yelling at someone, you’ll get nowhere. Control yourself, and say, “hey, this is what I heard, I don’t think your like that, but I thought you should know what’s going around.” Make friends, not enemies, talk good about others regardless of what they say about you, and you will find life will begin to have far more ups than downs, and good days will end in a train wreck less often.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Take on That Impossible Dream with Vigor!

The crowd Jesus had been teaching was hungry, and it was getting late, so Jesus told his disciples to feed them. Well, there were 5000 men, plus women and children. The disciples were overwhelmed by the task. Did you know that God has very big things for you to do. He has tasks that are prepared in advance for you to do, that are too big for you. So Jesus asks the disciples, “what do you have?” 5 loaves of bread, and 2 fish. We’ll maybe if you cut them into little pieces. Jesus wants you to use everything you have to accomplish the task in front of you. Try everything, give it all, run the race marked out for you with perserverance, bull dog tenacity, the inability to quit. What do you have, if you will use it, God will do the rest. Jesus had the disciples pass out the food to the crowd, and there was so much, that the people couldn’t even eat it all. There were 12 baskets left over of bread and fish. God will give you more than you can contain. But you have to step out, choose to believe him, and take on that impossible dream with vigor. Give God your all.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Are All One in Christ.

Society separates all of us into little groups. The world tries to separate us by color, income bracket, political beliefs, and even the way we dress. But Paul writes in Galations “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” Boys rule and girls drool, sure, but in Christ, Neither rules or drools. And can we stop seeing different colored skin, please? This generation is the closest man has ever been at being color blind, and not seeing one race better than another, but we still have a very long way to go. You might find yourself putting down the poor saying “well go get a job”, or judging the rich saying “you should’ve sold that and given it to the poor.” Or thinking that men are better than women…And that goes for everyone thank you very much. So there is neither black, nor white, nor brown or polka dotted, nor people with tattoos or without tattoos or piercings, or green hair, or homeless, or Guy nor Girl but we are all one in Christ. God looks at the heart, and that is something we cannot see.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

God Wants to Fill You Up to Overflowing!

In II Kings a woman’s husband dies, and leaves her in a lot of debt. Unlike today where a person might lose there house or car, she is about to lose her two sons as slaves in order to pay off debt. She asks the prophet Elijah for help. So he says what do you have? God is looking for you to use whatever you have to the best of your ability. Well she had a little oil. Then he said go and get as many jars as you can, ask all your neighbors. She did this. Then he said, pour the oil into each jar that you have. And by a miracle of God the oil kept flowing until every jar was filled. She sold the oil, and paid the debt. You may find in your life you sometimes run out. Run out of whatever? Ask God to help. God wants to fill your jars with whatever you need. But how many jars can you believe God to fill? It seems to me that in this story God would have filled as many jars as she could’ve gotten her hands on. She should’ve gotten a gjillion jars. God doesn’t run out! If you believe God wants you to have just a little, that’s how much you will end up with. God wants to fill you up to overflowing. Just like when Jesus fed the 5000, and there were baskets left over. What do you need? Peace? Joy? Health? Wealth? Get a bunch of jars, a gjillion of them if you can.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"What would you have me do Lord?"

Jonah ran from God’s purpose for his life, and ran into a lot of trouble. He got himself and those he was traveling with in a tight spot. A storm blew up on the boat he was on, and it nearly drowned all who were around him. He was tossed overboard and got swallowed by a big fish. If life is crashing down all around you, and you find yourself pulling others down with you, or you feel like you’ve been swallowed up by this world, it may be that you have not embraced your purpose from God. You may be running from what God is calling you to do. Now I realize that when life gets rough, we have an opportunity to learn perserverance through the test, but lets make sure we haven’t strayed off of the path that is his will for our life. Sometimes the mess is simply something we got ourselves into. God would never desire to destroy you. He loves you, and wants what is best for you. He wants to clothe you better than King Solomon, and bless you like he did Abraham. Our God is a good and just God. But when we leave god’s will, like Jonah, life can really blow up like a storm all around us. So ask God today, what would you have me do, hear I am Lord, send someone else… No send me