Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't be a French Fry

What’s the difference between a French fry and a diamond? I mean, both are wonderful, both are desirable. People like French fries, and people like diamonds. The difference is the value. A French fry is common, easy to find, and less expensive. It comes in a paper box with other fries. A diamond is held behind a glass case, beautiful and rare. It comes exquisitely wrapped. Okay girls, this is a lesson for you, God created you as a diamond, a rare and unique beautiful creature, a true gift from God. But you can choose to be that diamond, rare and valuable, or you can choose to be, a French fry. Now when it comes to the boys, French fries may get a lot of attention, but in the end there isn’t as much value to the boys. Boys like French fries, but a French fry is not something to be saved, and the right kind of boys aren’t into French fries, they aren’t interested in common, mediocre, just average. The right man is looking for the diamond, rare, still in the glass case. A diamond doesn’t just wear anything, and doesn’t just act the way other girls do. Don’t be a French fry, be a diamond. In the end, diamonds win.

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